I Can’t say enough about Tazz and Jeff! I was guiding a friend on a mule deer hunt in SE New Mexico a couple of weeks ago.  My buddy shot and wounded a buck through the front left shoulder but didn’t connect with any vitals.  Immediately we called Jeff and within a couple of hours, Tazz was on the trail! We took Tazz to the point where the deer was hit and the rest was history! Tazz trailed the deer for 4 miles, with no blood and jumped a 5 foot  barbed wire fence while on the trail.  There is no possible way we would have found and retrieved the deer without Tazz and Jeff.  I cant thank yall enough for the quick response and the adrenaline rush of tracking down a wounded animal! Well worth the time and effort! I have used tracking dogs in the past and I can honestly say Tazz is the best around!


Keaton Waters