I had the pleasure of meeting Jeff and Tazz as we are on a lease together in Ozona, Tx. and I must say I have never seen anything like Tazz. The first deer he found for me was a doe that I had shot on a Saturday before Thanksgiving. I knew I had made a good shot on her as when she turned to run off I could see the blood. It was late and I tried to follow the blood but lost it.  Fortunately for me Jeff and Tazz were already at the lease. Tazz loaded up with excitement as he knew it was his time. I had hunted this deer over an hour. We got there and Jeff set up the GPS on Tazz and his hand held unit. Turned Tazz loose and directed him to hunt him up. He immediately went to work, hit the trail and was out of site. In less that ten minutes Jeff said lets go he has her and sure enough he was there waiting on us. I had hunted hard for over an hour and Tazz had the mission accomplished within ten minutes. I have never been so impressed with a dog. As intense as he is in the field, he is so calm until Jeff instructs him to “hunt him up”.

The second deer was a buck that I had shot in the late evening. It was very cold so I waited till dark and walked out. Due to it being so cold I waited until early morning when I had good light. Me and a fellow member went back to where I had shot him and found blood. Tracked it till we found where he had laid down. There was significant blood but that was the last of it. He had cleaned himself up and left the area. We walked the area for nearly 3 hours and nothing. Called Jeff who was at home in New Mexico and he rolled in before midnight. He got Tazz out and said let’s go get your deer. Now 32 hours had passed and I am thinking this is going to be a challenge. We had some light rain pass through the area earlier. Again Jeff got Tazz’s collar, the GPS up and ready. We took Tazz to the last blood and Jeff took him off of the leash and instructed him to “hunt him up”. He was dead on his trail and out of sight in a second. Again we were watching the GPS and Tazz was on the move then in less than ten minutes the movement on the GPS had stopped. Jeff said let’s go get your deer. There is not a doubt in my mind that if not for Jeff and Tazz I would not have harvested that deer.

Before I had met Jeff, a fellow member told me there was a guy with a Blue Lacy tracking dog getting on the deer lease. Hell, I had never heard of a Blue Lacy, but after I met Jeff and witnessed Tazz  track and catch two live but wounded deer I became a believer. Tazz actually took down the deer on command.

I was hanging around one of the pups and within 30 minutes he had attached to me and would not let the other dogs come near me. I did some research on them and decided that I would love to have one for a pet if nothing else. Jeff had some puppies that Tazz was the father of at the time and he was good enough to sell me TJ (Tazz Junior). TJ is a great dog for sure. At the time of this writing, Tj was less than six months old. I drug a piece of deer meat for up to a quarter of a mile then go back to the house and let him smell a piece of deer meat and ask the all-important question. “You want to hunt him up?” Man, he gets excited. I put him on a leash and he is tugging to get out the door. I take him close to where I started dragging the meat, tell him to sit, take the leash off and tell him “hunt him up” TJ. He is off in a full run and he does not stop until he has tracked it down. He is beautiful to watch. He is so intense at six months old and so smart. If he can figure out what you want he will do it. He's truly a mans best friend. - Keith High, Houston, Texas