Spent two days in a blind with my 14 year old son on his first archery hunt with no luck.  The third morning paid off.  Was in the blind just over two hours when a few doe and a three-point buck showed up.  After a few minutes of these deer hanging around a nice 9-point lingered in.  Hearts pounding, as the big buck walked towards us, a suspicious doe kept her eyes on us preventing my son from drawing his bow.  Finally the doe looked away and my boy drew.  Holding his 20 yard pin on the buck another doe stepped behind him... the buck turned facing us...still holding...the buck walks around and is now facing straight away...still holding... the buck quarters away and my son asks "Are you ready?"... I reply "Yes" (we're both still unsure why I need to be ready)... he releases with a perfect hit just behind the right shoulder.  The deer jumps straight up and bolts away.   Still in the blind he says "I drilled him!!"... We are whispering about his shot, giving high-fives, very happy about the event. I told him we should give the buck about 20 minutes before we go look for him.  Then a couple of the doe that were hanging around showed back up.  After they left it had been 30 minutes since the shot, we exited the blind and walked to another blind to get the land owner which was hunting also. He told us to let him know if my son struck a deer.  The three of us began our track,  we found blood right away just a few feet from where the deer was shot. We walked about 20 yards and found the arrow, which had both blades of the mechanical broad-head open and showed to have about eight inches of blood on the shaft.  We found a pool of blood after another 50 feet... then saw the deer lying on the ground with his head upright and alert. He turned, looked at us then shot up and jumped away like nothing was wrong. We watched him hop away and then slow to a walk, we backed off and decided to give him an hour before going back to track him.

Two hours have passed since the shot and we're back on the track. We find very little blood and what we do find is a single drop here and there and many yards apart. We look, and look, and look...can't find him. Discouraged, disappointed and wondering what to do the land owner asks if I know the Beauregards, with which I reply "Yes". He says "Jeff has a dog that is supposed to be able to track a deer". My son then pipes up and says "That's right dad, I've seen his signs in stores".  So, we go back the camp and drive down the road several miles until we have cell service and I make a call.  Jeff and Tazz - his Texas Blue Lacy - are two hours away and he doesn't hesitate to take me up on my plea to come look for the deer.  Once Jeff and Tazz arrived we discuss what transpired and Jeff began preparing his dog. He placed two GPS tracking collars on Tazz and began talking to him like a coach talks to his team before the big game. Everyone's excited, anxious and waiting to see what happens next. Jeff asks us to show him the first trace of blood we found and with Tazz on a leash directs him to this spot.  Seven hours after the deer had been shot the leash was removed from Tazz and this amazing animal performs magic. I have never seen anything like this. The land owner, my son and myself knew where the deer had walked for a couple hundred yards and this dog sniffed his way around on the ground and followed this track exactly. Impressed, I then got my hopes up of actually finding this deer.  Tazz was doing his thing and Jeff would just fall back and watch his handheld GPS constantly watching the dog's actions. We all followed and watched in wonderment as Jeff would often report to us the status of Tazz. Jeff would say "He's about 40 yards in this direction...oh wait, he's stopped...maybe he found him...he's running that deer". He knew this because Tazz went from being 50 yards away from us to 650 yards in under 90 seconds.  Jeff takes a long hard look at the GPS then begins walking at a fast pace. In the distance we hear Tazz bark.  Jeff says "He's got him alive" then yells "HOLD HIM TAZZ" and we began to run. Jeff, constantly monitoring the GPS takes us right to where Tazz is and sure enough, Tazz has the deer stopped and his jumping around avoiding getting gored by this buck which is standing on all four feet with his head down charging this dog like a mad bull. Jeff runs towards them and yells to tazz "TAKE HIM DOWN TAZZ, TAKE HIM DOWN BOY!" with which Tazz does exactly that and jumps behind the buck, bites on the ham and twists and the deer falls to the ground.  Jeff is there and ready with a spear that he carries for this exact scenario and sticks the deer in the ribs.  Game over!!!  I have never witnessed anything like this and to see a dog sniff out not just any deer, but the deer that my son shot was nothing short of amazing.

Upon gutting the deer we found he was hit in the right lung only. The arrow did not penetrate far enough to reach the heart or the other lung.  No other vitals were damaged from the arrow.  - Rodney Carter

Left Cass, Middle Jeff Beauregard and Tazz