I stuck this deer from 42 yards at 11:00 am on January 5th, 2014 after stalking all morning. Deer was standing broadside and I was using a Rage Hypodermic broadhead.  Brush in the way, I forced a shot 8" behind the shoulder, but I hit him a little low, approximately 5" from the bottom of the belly. I left him alone for 1 hour. We were on quarter size blood drops for 2.1 miles every 2-3 steps.  Never busted him up, and finally we caught up with him at sunset and I missed one last 70 yard prayer as the tall and heavy horned muley hung his head low and walked away sickly.  I marked the last point I saw him and was without hope.

Called a good friend and fellow bow-hunter, Jason Barnett, and asked him for advice.  He said, "Do not push him and come back in the morning, BUT if you want to make sure you get that deer lets call Tazz (Owner Jeff Beauregard)."  I will be honest, I was skeptical.  It was dark thirty and had been 4 hours since I had last seen this buck before Tazz & Company showed up!  Before we even got to my marked GPS point I heard, "Tazz is on him!" Without any light source, my youthfulness and folly were apparent, as I closely followed Tazz's superior nose and experienced teams beaming headlamps, only hearing, "Blood, good blood, come on Tazz, hunt 'em up Tazz," for the next 1.7 miles.  My breath froze white leaving my mouth, and with anticipation every blind step in the 14 degree midnight air.  I held back excitment when Tazz's GPS tracker stopped moving, and the team paused to hear barking.  As we approached the dead game, Tazz stood quietly beside as if to say to me, "Why were you ever worried?"  Tazz is a dang good dog, and I won't hesitate to call if there is a next time!  Written by Kaeden Jameson 

Picture below after Tazz's Great Work!

Jeff Beauregard- Left (Owner), Tazz, and Myself Kaeden Jameson